Zion is a non-governmental organization constituted in the year 1933 as a part of Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, an Indigenous Catholic Sannyasa group. The principal office of the society is located at Kozhikode in Kerala Sate, India. It has 5 subsidiaries in the form of societies or trusts with a total number of 25 braches spreading across India and abroad. All these units are encouraged to take up developmental activities and they function as sub projects of Zion. It includes formation and promotion of community organisations, upliftment of farming group, women’s empowerment, establishing, administering and co coordinating various social welfare and training s, orphanages and boardings, evening village tuition s, old age homes and home for differently abled, village based educational institutions, and dispensaries, diary development projects, nutrition programs etc.,. The sub-units have their own local administration under which a team of social workers are active. All these units work with a participatory ideology along with the people, especially the weaker section of the community irrespective of race, caste, community or creed.


Vision-An enlightened, just and peaceful society enjoying the freedom of the children of God. Mission-Society developed integrally has sustainable and better standard of living and social values.


  • Harmonious peaceful happy living for all.
  • Live in justice with nature and humanity

Objectives of the Organisation

  • Reaching the unreached through charitable institutions such as old age homes,Dispensaries, home for the differently abled and boarding for the disadvantaged children etc.,
  • A sustainable supportive system of quality education in participation with all the stakeholders of education
  • Economic and social empowerment through village organisations, thrift and credit union and income generation program.
  • Harmony with nature and humanity through responsible utilization of natural resources and upholding the social values.
  • A group of farmersin the forefront who are convinced of the need of scientific farming along with proper livestock management and are using organic manure and pesticides to the maximum extent possible .
  • A sustainable system that assures health and hygiene for all for a peaceful living
  • Collaboration with likeminded organisations in the accomplishment of organisational objectives
Sub Centers

Kerala, India

Zion is inseparably affiliated to Kerala State as it is Originated and having its Head Office and majority of Members in Kerala. Today it is branched out to all the districts of Kerala with different ministries through its different sub s like Orphanages, schools, vocational training s etc.

Names of the Sub Centres

  • Pius Mount , Chemperi, Kannur Dt,Relevance: Agriculture Farm
  • Sophia , Kuttiady, Kozhikode Dt., Relevance: Village school
  • Study House , Aluva, Ernakulam Dt., Relevance: study centere
  • KarunyaNivas, Thonichal, Wayanadu Dt., Relevance: Vocational training center

Names of the Sub Centres

  • Jeevamrutha , Malampuazha, Palakkadu Dt., Relevance: Spirituality center
  • MAPS : Chalakudy, Thrissur Dt., Relevance: Village school
  • Kripanilayam, Ennappara, Kannur Dt, Relevance: Service Center
  • Mary Matha Boys Quarters , Kunnamkualam, Thrissur Relevance: Orphanage

The history of Zion in Shimoga District goes back to the year 1978. 'More into the villages of Shimoga' was our first motto. Then, after many years of interaction with the villages, a Holistic Community Development Programme was charted out integrating into it an agenda for action relating to total health, basic education, socio-economic advancement, formation of community organization, rural leadership, giving priority to saving the family through its womanpower. This has been achieved through educating the people through Kindergartens, Schools, special schools for mentally and physically challenged, through orphanages and hostels, job oriented training center; organizing the people through self-help groups; through health services: through Hospitals and clinics and mobile health units and other measures for health awareness; taking measures for improved and integrated and organic farming and serving the aged and homeless. Presently Zion has its presence in the whole of Shimoga District consisting a number of 12 sub units and 13 Personnel.

The following is an overview of activities and institutions

  • St. JosephAkshardama, Gadikoppa, Shimoga Dt, Relevance: Town school for the Backward and Disadvantaged
  • Kristuraj, Anavatty, Shmoga Dt., Relevance: Orphanage, Stabalister Manufacturing unit by rural Youth
  • San Mathew, Hossur, Shimoga, Relevance: Agriculture Farm
  • Christashram, Anandapuram, Shmoga Dt, Relevance: Social work Centre and Farm
  • Paduva Sadan, Iduvally, Shimoga Dt., Relevance: Orphanage
  • Jeevajyothi, Agumbe, Shimoga Dt., Relevance: Old Age Home
  • Karunanilaya, Machinahally, Shimoga, Relevance: Rehabilitation centre for differently abled
  • Upasana Education Center, Shikaripura, Shimoga Dt., Relevance: Orphanage, village tuition centres

Ongoing Projects

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