Social Interventions

Social Interventions

Social Interventions

We are running 8 orphanages where almost 425 children are finding a home of their own. We started orphanages in the year 1981 and so far more than 11,000 students have passed out. They frequently come back to share their joy with their former home. They are presently working in different cities throughout the world. Many are engineers, Teachers, Nurses, Technicians and self-employed. Orphanages have been a strong centre of intervention into society. It is the focal point to upgrade the backward villages and giving a new way of life to otherwise ignorant village people. Giving good education and quality food has contributed a lot to development of these boys and girls. Our training and value education classes have helped them to form a right conscience. The vulnerable children who are deprived of parental care, education facilities, nutritious food and a motivation in life, receive a constant support in our orphanages and become builders of a new society. Our volunteers find the children from villages who are eligible for our care. Many communities - based organizations recover children from their working areas knowing about our boarding and schooling facilities. Our orphanages give good facilities, good food and other training for personal and life - skills, so that they are committed citizens, enabled to face the challenges of the new world. They boast about their learning facilities, playing facilities and sessions for integral growth. One can witness the miracle of changing the children into committed citizens to face the world through our loving care and motivated interventions.

Orphanages and Boardings

  • St. DominicChildren’s Home, Diphu, Assam Present strength - 55
  • St. AlphonsaBalabhavan, Darechegri, Tura Present strength - 22
  • 3Bl.Mother Teresa Children’s Home, Jannaram, Adilabad, Telangana State Present strength - 68
  • UPASANA Children’s Home, Shikaripura, Shimoga Dt., Karnataka State Present strength - 26
  • Stanton’sBalabhavan, Iduvally, Shimoga Dt., Karnataka State Present strength - 18
  • Kristuraj Children Home, Anvatty, Shimoga Dt. Karnataka State Present strength - 28
  • Mary Matha Boys Quarters,Kunnamkualam, ThrissurPresent strength – 36
  • Boarding for Hearing impaired

  • Karunanilaya, Machinahally, Shimoga Dt, KarnatakaPresent strength – 68

Dignity of life till death is promoted in our old age home.Our old age home for women at agumbe, shimoga district, Karnataka, India, cater to people who are deprived of care and love by their relatives. We have very good infra-structure, in-house medical facility, good food and a friendly atmosphere with trained and motivated staff in our old-age home. Our staff are trained people to listen patiently to their worries and little needs of life. The joyful faces of old mothers in our old-age home instill happiness in the minds of visitors. We reassure a sense of belongingness to people who are neglected and thrown out of families by caring them lovingly and fulfilling the needs of their minds and bodies. Few are picked up even from streets. In many cases it has helped people to learn good values of care and love to their parents when they see our love to these parents who are adopted by love of god.

Old Age Home

  • Jeevajyothi Old Age Home, Agumbe, Shomoga Dt., Karnataka Present strength – 18