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Blessing of St. Alphonsa Care ....

Congratulations to MCBS Zion Missionaries of Telangana Mission on the occasion of blessing of St. Alphonsa Care & Support Centre at Myadaripet at our New Mission centre.'


Blessing of the Anugraha MCBS ...

Anugraha MCBS Ashram at Erumathadom , Iritty , Kannur was inaugurated and blessed on 8.12.2016'


The Blessing of Anandapuram Ashram

On 16th August, 2017, the newly renovated MCBS Ashram was blessed by His Excellency Mar Joseph Arumachadath, Bishop of Bhadravathy, Shimoga in the presence of Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottankara MCBS, Provincial, MCBS Zion Province. The Ashram was renovated by Fr. Jose Pandiamackal MCBS'


The Laying of the Foundation-Stone

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of a new Church for the Faithful in Darenchegere, North East Village took place in the presence of a large number of spectators. The foundation stone laid on 22nd July by the Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottankara Mcbs, the MCBS Zion Provincial Superior. A very large crowd assembled around the site of the new Church to witness the service and ceremony of stone laying in calmweather.'


Annual Day - UPASANA

UPASANA Annual Day Celebrations 2018. Sight of 4800 children flowing to our free tuition centers ? every evening! Daily classes and other learning activities to supplement their school hours, by trained and well-motivated personnel is the attraction of our village tuition programme, in Shikaripura and Shimoga taluks of Karnataka, India'


Inauguration and Blessing of the New Chapel.

His Grace MarJacob Thoomkuzhy, Archbishop Emeritus of Thrissur inaugurated and blessed the newly built Chapel at MCBS Marymatha Boys Cottage, Perumpilavu, Thrissur on 3rd January, 2018. Marymatha Boys Cottage is a shelter for the destitute children. Students are accepted and cherished as they are, and are encouraged to grow in their culture as well as in their valued social and religious traditions. http://www.marymathaboyscottage.org'


Junior Priests

Sharing our stories and refreshing our knowledge is an integral part of our priestly life. The gathering of our young priests will be an occasion of refreshing our knowledge and strengthening our religious priestly bond.'



Vocation Camp for the year 2018'


Blessing of newly built House at Bharatha

Very Rev Fr Superior General blessed the newly constructed house for the sick and retiree Priests, to treat them with better care at Bharatha, Thrissur on 27th October 2018. Very Rev Fr Joseph Thottankara, Provincial Superior inaugurated the house in the presence of Rev Fathers, Sisters, and many wellwishers.'


Blessing of the newly constructed Church

It was a long awaited day for the entire northeast missionaries. MCBS Darenchigre parish solemnly added the beautifully built church to its feather.Rt. Rev. Bp. Andrew R Marak blessed the church and Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottankara MCBS (Provincial) dedicated the parish for the faithful. A commendable number of priests and sisters took part in it along with nearly 5000 people. Hats off to Fr. Shojin MCBS and his crew who played a major role in making it the best church ever made in the Diocese of Tura.'


Umlepher, the new mission centre of MCBS

Rev. Fr. Provincial and the Mission Councilor visited Umlepher, the new mission centre of MCBS in the Diocese of Diphu, on 27th July, 2019. Umlepher is a would be parish with the strength of 630 families and they feel elated and privileged to be in the safe shepherding hands of MCBS. Fr. Manu has done his best to form a folk for God and he deserves an applause for his commendable vibrancy and indomitable missionary zeal. Villagers gathered in large numbers and extended a warm and cordial welcome to our fathers. As the conclusion of the visit a public meeting was organized which was followed by a grand meal.'


MCBS in Punjab

Rev. Fr. Provincial, Fr. Sinto Patiyaparambil and fellow MCBS Priests Celebrated Punjabi Holy Mass with newly formed catholic community at Firozpur, Punjab. A number of adults in Hasthiwala area became committed Christians by receiving the sacrament of Baptism during the mass. It is a great joy that the missionaries are ready to go through any amount of sacrifices in order to form the people of God. Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Sinto for your tireless efforts to form a catholic community in Firozpur.'


KALA NIKETAN - International school of Music and Arts

MCBS Kalaniketan has been ignited to illuminate its journey towards fulfilment of lifetime passion. Vijayadashami is called to be the day which hand fully offers everyone a beginning to the world of knowledge; academic and non-academic as well. Bloom to be an artist is a dream kept inborn for a walk to remember. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottankara, Zion Provincial Superior articulated the meaning of the day by handing the light of letters over to Anstrin Joseph George art at MCBS Kalaniketan on 08 October 2019. MCBS Kala Niketan is an International School of Music and Arts, commenced in 2019 by MCBS Zion Province Kozhikode. This academy is at the forefront of music and arts education with a focus on music production, audio engineering, classical dance etc. Kala Niketan offers diploma courses for students who hold a keen interest in music and arts and wish to make a career in this field. At Kala Niketan, students learn the art and technique of music through live projects, which includes music videos, life performances, jamming sessions & albums under the guidance of industry experts. Training will be provided in professional/amateur categories in a smart class room set up. This institute provides the complete experience of arts and music and students will get a wider variety of subjects to choose from to nurture their arts and music skills. They…'


Blessing of JEEVAMRUTHA MCBS HOUSE, Malampuzha

The newly constructed MCBS Ashram, Malampuzha, Palghat (Co-ordination Centre of Eucharistic Apostolate and Media Ministry) was blessed by His Excellency Mar Jacob Manathodath, Bishop of Palaght on 14th November 2019. Hearty congratulations to Rev. Fr. Vincent Chittilappilly, Rev. Fr. Jaison Thrickoyikal and Rev. Fr. Elvis Kocheril for their great effort. We thank all those have contributed one way or other to fulfill this long cherished dream.'


Priestly Ordinations 2019-2020

With immense joy and profound gratitude to Eucharistic Lord, we, the members of MCBS Zion Province, invite you to the Priestly Ordination of 9 Deacons of our congregation that will take place from 27 December 2019 to 02 January 2020. We recommend them to your valuable prayers. Please accompany and support them. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.'


Priestly Ordinations 2021 - 2022

Invitation for the Priestly Ordination 2021 - 22'


Blessing & Inauguration of MCBS House, Luxettipet

Blessing & Inauguration of MCBS House, Luxettipet. Telangana Mission. The newly constructed house was blessed on 23 March 2022'



MCBS Zion Province has a new administration.'