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KALA NIKETAN - International school of Music and Arts

MCBS Kalaniketan has been ignited to illuminate its journey towards fulfilment of lifetime passion. Vijayadashami is called to be the day which hand fully offers everyone a beginning to the world of knowledge; academic and non-academic as well. Bloom to be an artist is a dream kept inborn for a walk to remember. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottankara, Zion Provincial Superior articulated the meaning of the day by handing the light of letters over to Anstrin Joseph George art at MCBS Kalaniketan on 08 October 2019. MCBS Kala Niketan is an International School of Music and Arts, commenced in 2019 by MCBS Zion Province Kozhikode. This academy is at the forefront of music and arts education with a focus on music production, audio engineering, classical dance etc. Kala Niketan offers diploma courses for students who hold a keen interest in music and arts and wish to make a career in this field. At Kala Niketan, students learn the art and technique of music through live projects, which includes music videos, life performances, jamming sessions & albums under the guidance of industry experts. Training will be provided in professional/amateur categories in a smart class room set up. This institute provides the complete experience of arts and music and students will get a wider variety of subjects to choose from to nurture their arts and music skills. They will be taught everything technical to be successful in this industry and excel in skill-based discipline like music, dance and theater and visual arts. Skill development is the need of the hour and demand for a skilled workforce is on the rise. We hope that this initiative would be beneficial, helping students to use this panoramic platform to showcase the budding artists within them.